Translation Services

While Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates, English is more widely spoken by the expatriate population. Few non-native Arabic speakers ever learn the language, given that Arabic is the world’s top five most difficult languages.

However, the UAE’s judicial system mandates that all legal proceedings be conducted in Arabic. Linguistic intermediaries, also known as court interpreters, are required to be present in trials involving non-Arabic speakers.

All documents have to be translated into Arabic before submission to the court. Certain documents such as Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate may need attestation by other government bodies such as the UAE embassy, a foreign embassy, Ministry of Justice and/or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Many hospitals and clinics also have on-site translators who can translate medical tests, reports and other documents from Arabic to English and vice-versa.

The importance of a good translator and translation agency is invaluable in any legal proceeding. Before the submission of any document, please make sure you avail services from a legitimate and reputed individual and/or company.

Aburuf Legal Translation Services

 Shop #4, Dar Al Majlis Building, St. 34a, Area 127, Hor Al Anz, Deira, Dubai

Aburuf’s clients include:

  • Dubai World
  • Dubai Police
  • Dubai Municipality
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Nakheel

Aburuf is also located in the Dubai Personal Status Courts. They are the official translators of the court paperwork. The sworn legal translator on-site is Mr. Muiz Mohammed Ubeid Mohammed.

Services Offered:

  • Translation
  • Typing & Documentation
  • PRO Services

Languages: Arabic | English | French | Russian

Telephone: +971 50 532 1343



German Arab Translation & Interpretation Center (GATIC)

Citadel Tower, 20th floor, Office 2001, Business Bay, Dubai

GATIC’s clients include:

  • Qatar Science & Technology Park
  • Namshi
  • TaylorWessing
  • Dubai Tourism
  • Bosch

Services Offered:

  • Translation & Interpretation
  • Attestation & Notarization
  • Immigration & Labor Transactions

Languages: Arabic | English | German

Telephone: +971 4 369 8008 | +971 50 574 4199



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